These bones of broken faith,

Crushed by the hand of fate,

This twisted contorted, us.


Staring through our mirror world,

We sing the same lullaby,

A hymn to lost time,

We reflect each other’s light,

It is just


-Another sleepless night,

Where words cascade from my fingertips,

Letters slide off the pages,

Swallowed by the pools of black ink,

My tears have become.


I regret what is past,

Cannot be undone,

These brittle remains,

Disintegrate as I sip,

Each sweet word that passes your lips.


I need you to sit beside me,

Read me to the end of the book,

Leave the last page open.

Waiting in Line

You reach a certain age and you realise,

We are all just waiting in line,

Watching people die,

Waiting for our number to be called,

The only certainty we have about life,

Is that life is a death sentence,

So, enjoy it while it lasts.


We dream,

As we pace about our waiting rooms,

Of perfect lives, perfect bodies,

Nice house and garden,

The perfect love story,

We work, in varying capacities,

To achieve great things,

Weighing ourselves against the competition,

Comparing notes.


We get by,

Shuffling our feet, slouching in front of TV Sets,

That feed us dreams and bullshit,

We buy the bullshit-

Hopeful of success but clueless on what it takes,

Mortality creeps up on us,

As we sleepwalk,

Carelessly stumbling on addictions, habits, and greed,

We dance across the tightrope of time,

As though immune to danger.

What a waste,

To spend a lifetime finding our balance,

To slip, fall and find no safety net beneath us,

What a tragic shame,

We don’t love each other enough,

To show respect, understanding, and kindness,

Don’t appreciate each other,

Don’t care until it’s over.


We turn a blind eye until all hope is gone,

Wake up suddenly regretful, feeling sorry for ‘ourselves’,

Tears are reserved for the living, my friend,

You were born to ‘feel’.
You’ll reach a certain age and realise.