Out of Sight

Out of sight, out of mind,

Out of the way, I had no say,

So, you were free to entertain,

The notion I could not complain,

Some witty anecdotes were made,

My misplaced trust of yesterday,

You think its funny game to play,

When I can’t stand my ground,

When I’m not around,

To defend or to explain,

To cut you dead, correct your claims,

As you placed my picture in your frame,

You think you’re perfect, what a shame.


Out of sight, out of mind,

How fucking weak of you to dare,

To make a comedy of my despair,

To sit and smirk and gloat and stare,

At my expense, and start to laugh,

You find amusement, in the past,

I lick my wounds, switch you off,

Conclude enough is enough,

Knowing you’ll juice it all you can,

It doesn’t make you much of a man,

To confide in someone real and true,

You can’t be trusted, to tell the truth,

I may be broken, may be bruised,

But I don’t have anything to prove.

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